Malte Lerch, rest in Peace

In Memory of Malte Lerch, a beggar who have been murderd by Nazis in Schleswig, in North of Germany.

I’m a Christian
I’m Muslim
I’m Buddhist
I am white, yellow, red and black.
I am a child, adult and old
I’m alive but I died many times because of so much ignorance, intolerance and social difference ruling the world.

I wish a new year with peace and love.
Even if I do not find this feeling in all hearts, I found it last Saturday, through three angels I met on the streets of Kiel.

The first angel I met was a blond, sweet Lady.

She  gave me a candy in gratitude when I left her passes before me in the supermarket Queue.

The second angel was the leader of Gospelchor Holtenau.

During a concert in which he conveyed a word of tolerance and love for asylum seekers

The third angel was a beggar.

On the way home, I gave him a coin. In gratitude he gave me a sincere and truthful smile.
For me, this is the real Christmas feeling.

Malte Lerch, rest in peace!

Autorin: Miss Froggy

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