I can tell you that knowing the things of spirits and talking cute, does not mean that you guys are spiritists, belong to Umbanda or any kind of pure religion and are compatible with what you speak.
If I impose my truth, I Become to be the lie.

Eshu Caveira



If you are happy, you will not transmit sadness to anyone. As Eshu, you will instigate happiness to others, without imposing anything and without wanting anything. Only, that the others be themselves full of  joy. I just explained what means being a Eshu.

Exu Caveira

Nature in other Planet

The extraterrestrial, beings more advanced than on Earth do not exploit nor do they prejudice the nature. Because they understand the nature and collaborate with it. This civilizations,  humanities or not, which may or may not be physical, may be
nonphysical spiritual humanities like humanity, if they are more advanced
than us, certainly did not act like us, because they know that Nature is present there as a representative; as a manifestation of the soul of that planet. And that therefore it is something essential important for the life of that planet.