Everything is Love

Everything is love. Even hate, which you judge  to be the antithesis of love is nothing but love itself, which became very sick.

If at the moment there is crisis, be not disturbed, follows Serve and pray, hoping for the best will be succeeded. Complaints, cries and sorrows are blows against yourself. Silence and bless, the truth has a voice.

When someone hurt or offend you, do not respond the same way. Just feel compassion that he needs to humiliate, offend and hurt in order to feel strong.

New leaves, new flowers, in the infinite blessing of beginning.Today we help, tomorrow we will be those in need of assistance.

Chico Xavier



Start the day in the light of prayer.

God’s love never fails.
Accept any difficulty without argument.
Today is the time to do the best.
Work with joy.
The lazy, yet even when they show a solid gold pedestal, it is a corpse who thinks.
Do good as you can.
Each creature transits among his own creations.
Values the minutes.
Everything returnexcept the lost time.
Learn to obey, in carrying his or her service.
If you do not believe in discipline, observe a car without brakes.
Cherish simplicity.

Luxury is the mausoleum of those ahead of death.
Forgive without conditions.
Irritate yourself is the best method to lose.
Use the courtesy, but in a special way, within your own home.
Try to meet the family how you deal with visitors.
In favor of your peace, conserve ayourself fidelity.
Remember that the day of Calvary, the mass applauded the triumphant because of who crucified him, but Christ, lonely and defeated, was the cause of God.

Spirit André Luiz

The strength of forgiveness

If someone hurts you, forgive and forget. Never vingues because, to the offender it is sufficient that he lives and  correct himself and be recognized.

Bring you the  self-improvement, and walk  the competition of those pioneers of evolution that preceded you in the light of day, guiding you aspirations for the victories of the soul.

Examine your desires and watch one’s thoughts, because where’s the heart, then life will await you on the wings of good or of evil handcuffs.

Heaven helps always those who work, but waiting who works, the possible assistance to all those who have not discovered the joy of work.



Mother Nature

Daily, Nature glorifies the Divine Goodness, in the light of the sun, the wind smoothly, the singing of birds and the scent of flowers.

Who helps the plants and animals reveals respect and love creation of our Heavenly Father. Meimei

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

If I could do something for the community benefit if I had the least authority to do this, I just repeat to myself and to all our brothers in humanity, all countries and all languages, the words of our lord Jesus Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Because love is self-forgetfulness, because love, asking nothing for himself. The “Love one another” was overcome by “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Love someone or something, without asking anything, without waiting for payment, not even understanding the intelligence of others, then, is to work for happier humanity for a better world, the extinction of wars, and by, progress encouraging on convenient moral grounds, so we’re all in the best possible place that we occupy in the field of human life, serving the father, the creator, our Lord Jesus Christ and all Christian principles, like him, and the noblest principles of other religions, so with mutual respect can overcome all barriers and love as love should be established between us, that is, love without reward, because all love which still is possessive, unfortunately, is still a great kinship love with the love of animals. ”

Francisco Candido Xavier