Start the day in the light of prayer.

God’s love never fails.
Accept any difficulty without argument.
Today is the time to do the best.
Work with joy.
The lazy, yet even when they show a solid gold pedestal, it is a corpse who thinks.
Do good as you can.
Each creature transits among his own creations.
Values the minutes.
Everything returnexcept the lost time.
Learn to obey, in carrying his or her service.
If you do not believe in discipline, observe a car without brakes.
Cherish simplicity.

Luxury is the mausoleum of those ahead of death.
Forgive without conditions.
Irritate yourself is the best method to lose.
Use the courtesy, but in a special way, within your own home.
Try to meet the family how you deal with visitors.
In favor of your peace, conserve ayourself fidelity.
Remember that the day of Calvary, the mass applauded the triumphant because of who crucified him, but Christ, lonely and defeated, was the cause of God.

Spirit André Luiz