The strength of forgiveness

If someone hurts you, forgive and forget. Never vingues because, to the offender it is sufficient that he lives and  correct himself and be recognized.

Bring you the  self-improvement, and walk  the competition of those pioneers of evolution that preceded you in the light of day, guiding you aspirations for the victories of the soul.

Examine your desires and watch one’s thoughts, because where’s the heart, then life will await you on the wings of good or of evil handcuffs.

Heaven helps always those who work, but waiting who works, the possible assistance to all those who have not discovered the joy of work.




Mother Nature

Daily, Nature glorifies the Divine Goodness, in the light of the sun, the wind smoothly, the singing of birds and the scent of flowers.

Who helps the plants and animals reveals respect and love creation of our Heavenly Father. Meimei